A wealth of cultural, linguistic and academic experience  

My life has traveled along many countries, cultures, languages and jobs. I was born in Ghent, Belgium and obtained a Master's degree in Languages and Cultures of the Ancient Near East there: I studied biblical Hebrew, classical Arabic, Sumerian and Akkadian.  I am an enthusiastic multiculturalist: I have studied in Firenze, Jerusalem and Vienna. Back in Belgium I cooked Italian dishes in our Tuscan wine restaurant in Ghent, and a decade later I opened a tiny International Bookstore in Firenze, Italy. Over the last years I have worked as an English teacher here in Vienna, and in the kitchen of a number of restaurants with typical Viennese cuisine. 

I am an avid reader of novels and poetry, and a passionate cook. I am fluent English, German and Italian. With my background in philology and in historical languages I am now working as a translator of modern languages.  

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I am a Dutch native speaker with office in Vienna, Austria. I provide professional English and German to Dutch trans­la­ti­ons, editing and proofreading. My spe­cia­list areas are literary fiction & non-fiction, and the culinary arts.

I also offer research services for (fiction) writers: on- and offline research on a wide variety of topics, with an emphasis on sources in German, Dutch, English, Italian and French – which of course I will be happy to summarise or translate for you!

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