How much will your translation cost? To give you an idea: my standard rate is EUR 0,10 per (English, German, Dutch) source word for your general mine or culinary translation.
A literary translation is slightly more expensive: EUR 0,15 per source word.

Send me your file – completely free of charge, without obligation and confidential –  and I will provide you with a customised quote.
You will receive your quote within a few hours (max. one working day).
Or, alternatively, you can send me an email or Skype me. I look forward to hearing from you!


EUR 0,10–0,15 VAT exempted*
  • per English, German or Dutch source word
  • from German or English to Dutch
  • General, culinary and literary translations


EUR 0,02–0,04 VAT exempted*
  • per word in Dutch
  • Proofreading: correction of grammar and spelling
  • Editing: comprehensive revision of spel­ling, punc­tua­tion, grammar and style


EUR 0,20–0,25 VAT exempted*
  • per Dutch (source) word
  • Transcreation: (cultural) rewriting while translating
  • Content writing: writing of academic, literary, creative and culinary texts


EUR 25,00
per hour VAT exempted*
  • Research services for (fiction) writers: on- en offline bibliografisch en historisch onderzoek voor uw teksten
  • On- and offline research on a wide variety of topics
  • Sources in German, Dutch, English, Italian or French - which of course I will be happy to summarise or translate for you!
  • Crystal clear prices! I calculate my prices based on the number of source words, which means that the price is established in advance and no unpleasant surprises follow!
    In addition, the final price  depends on length and quality of the text, text sort, file format, and delivery date.
    You will have a definitive quote in your mailbox within a few hours  (max. one working day).
  • * Rates are VAT exempted thanks to the “Kleinunternehmersregelung” ("small business operator regulation") which applies  to my small one-person business. You, the end customer, don't have to pay sales tax. This means a price reduction of 20%.  Particularly private customers benefit from this.
    In addition I have, as a freelancer, lower overhead costs than an average translation agency, so I can keep my costs anod my rates low.
  • Minimum order value is EUR 20,00